W H O  P R A C T I C E S  Y O G A ?  W H Y ?

Yoga is for every body. People from all walks of life take up yoga and go on to live a more vibrant fullfilling life. There are so many reasons why people find themselves drawn to this ancient practice. Common reasons for taking up yoga are to help with sleeping patterns, to assist injury, develop strength and or flexibility,  time to calm down and take a breath. To maintain health and fitness, to craft a dedicated and meaningful practice. that cultivates growth on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

One of the most interesting aspects of yoga is the way in which is works on a subtle level. As your relationship with yoga blossoms you start to notice quite clearly that somehow life has become simpler. Old ideas that no longer serve you well seem to simply fall away. leaving you feeling brighter and lighter. Yoga is very effective when dealing with Stress relief, depression and anxiety when it is properly incorporated into your life.

C U L T I V A T I N G  A  D E D I C A T E D   P R A C T I C E   I S N T    E A S Y  Y O U   N E E D   T O   B E :

  • Motivated

  • Diciplined

  • Dedicated

  • Focused

  • Determined

  • Patient

  • Positive, mental attitude and sense of humour especially on the days when you feel non of the above!