Private Tuition

Starting a new practice can appear over whelming at first. One to one private tuition can be very useful in getting yourself up and running, as you will be offered simple and straight forward guidelines in which to follow. Once you've got started and have a simple structure in place you'll feel freer and more confident in the directions you wish to take. It's good to recognise that Yoga is a ' Chikitsa', this is a Sanskrit term, broadly defined as 'therapy,' but also understood as the application of consciousness or caring.

Cultivating a dedicated practice, we will work on :

  • Motivation & passion

  • Dedication & discipline

  • Focus & Determination

  • Patience & humility

  • Positive, mental attitude, especially on the days when you feel non of the above!

  • Study and self enquiry

  • Meditation and pranayama (If you wish)

You will, with practice and dedication:

  • ​Improve your strength, flexibility and agility

  • Discover that you will relax more freely and move into meditation

  • Option to develop pranayama practices (breathing techniques to sooth the nervous systems)

  • Work along side injury and or pain

  • Become dedicated, focused and patient

  • Become more aligned with your talents and strengths and have the capacity to work on your weaknesses

  • become more mindful and awaken or rediscover your full potential. Recognise that self care is self motivational and is paramount to positive living on every level

  • You will become healthier, fitter, lighter and enjoy a wonderful feeling of vitality and freedom in all that you do.

How will we manage this:

Every student arrives on the mat with their own set of ideas, perhaps objectives or areas they would like to explore. Together we unlock and develop a practice that suits your individuals needs. Sometimes i will encourage a student to utilise the Ashtanga system and other times I will lean towards a Hatha practice. Eaither way i will teach you technique and strategies to develop your own personal growth mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.