"Yoga becomes an active force in our lives. It reawakens our senses and becomes a transformational process, an elixir for the soul. Self limiting ideas that serve us no purpose other than to hold us hostage in a state of complacency seem to diminish as yoga realigns us, and guides us towards a lighter, freer and more compassionate way of living. "


Jo stumbled across yoga in her late teens. She taught herself many postures on a towel in her bedroom studying from a book she discovered in the local library. The book was ''Hatha Yoga' by Mary Stuart and Max Tobias, this book proved to be invaluable material, as this was the beginning of a life long love affair with yoga philosophy and practice.. 


Jo is a fully qualified yoga instructor, having completed Yoga Alliance accredited training. She has practiced and trained with many inspirational teachers such as John Scott, Manju Jois, Regina Ehlers to mention just a few. More recently Jo has been studying with Rolf and Marci Naujokat intensively for at least one month of every year for the last six years in Goa, India.


I am a dedicated yoga instructor committed to sharing these teachings for the benefit of all, regardless of age, level of fitness, lifestyle or spiritual leanings.